the Spirit of Mahatma Gandhi lives through every nonviolent action

Dada Dharmadhikari was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. He participated every movement launch by him. He was in imprisoned in 1930, 1932 and 1942. He was a thinker, Philosopher and a famous writer. He knew Hindi, English, Marathi, Guajarati and Bengali. He was born 18 June 1899 at Batul district in Madhya Pradesh. He was a famous freedom fighter. He took participate constructive programmes of Mahatma Gandhi. He lived in Sewagram Ashram.  He died here on 1 December 1985. He wrote some famous book on sarvodaya darshan. Which are very beneficial for us.  

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Jamnalal Bajaj on dated 3 May 1936 that Dharmadhikari will look after the garden at the site of the memorial. He seems to like this place. They are satisfied with him. He remains absorbed in his work.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Mahadevbhai on dated that 15 December 1936 that I understand about butter. If Dharmadhikari is there he should come and see me, otherwise anyone who is there.

Mahatma Gandhi spoke on 17 April 1937 that Dharmadhikari asks whether as satyagrahis we can enter institutions opposed to us to voice our opposition there. Yes, why shouldn’t we? But you must always remember the limits of satyagraha. We shall not go to betray or to offer violence. It may even be our duty to go in order to offer our open opposition. But here this is not the question. Legislatures are not institutions opposed to us. I like Legislatures.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Amrit T. Nanavati on dated 7 August 1938 that I was told that Vijaya’s letter was sent to you yesterday. Even though the doctor has given permission, let Kaka start eating gradually. Do not give him plum-water. Its effect is not good. Nothing can equal mosambi juice. Let him take semi-liquid porridge of sago, and that also only if he feels hungry. He may take a mixture of five tolas milk, five tolas water and one spoonful of sago. It is advisable to go slow. I hear that Dharmadhikari had been sent for. In any case he had been given permission. If that is so, I must apologize to him.

Mahatma Gandhi spoke on 22 February 1940 that DADA DHARMADHIKARI: Let us wind up this Sangh. The new committee which is to be formed can form a new Sangh if it thinks it necessary.

SHANKARRAO DEO: I support Dada’s suggestion. It is not proper to

Discriminate and say that those involved in politics cease to be members of the Sangh and the Sangh continues with the rest of the members.

GANDHIJI: Let it not be forgotten that we are not discriminating when we keep the politically inclined people out of the Sangh. All that we want to do is to eschew politics in the name of the Sangh. Had we Shankerlal Banker, Secretary, Akhil Bharatiya Charkha Sangh been regarding men who are active in politics as inferior persons, we would not allow those persons even to remain in politics. But we are not asking them to quit politics.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in Harijan on dated 1 March 1942 that A Marathi edition of Harijan will be published from Bajajwadi, Wardha, from March 1st. The subscription will be Rs. 5 per annum. Shri Gopalrao Kale, one of the early members of Satyagraha Ashram, is the Editor. He will be assisted by Shri Dada Dharmadhikari of Sarvodaya. I have advised that the weekly ought not to be published unless it becomes self-supporting. Shri Gopalrao and his associates have accepted the advice. I hope that the venture will be supported by the Marathi-reading public.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Haribhau Upadhaya on dated 25 February 1942 that Dada Dharmadhikari does not want to go out since he has taken up the responsibility of Marathi Harijan.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in Hindi Sevak on dated 12 July 1942 that Lovers of Hindi already know that the Sarvodaya is a monthly published from Wardha. Kaka Kalelkar and Dada Dharmadhikari are its editors. In fact there are three editors because Kishorelal generally contributes to every issue. The aim of this monthly is to conduct a theoretical discussion of the science of satyagraha and to propagate it in its purest form, so that the whole world may be uplifted.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Dada Dharmadhikari on dated 28 December 1945 that I have gone through your letter, also that of Gopalrao. After taking into consideration everything. I have arrived at the following decision: Because all your friends want it, you may seek election to the Assembly if it can be done without any exertion on your part and on the clear understanding that it will be a bed of thorns and not

of velvet. If something good comes of it the credit will go to the electorate or to God. If nothing comes of it we lose nothing because, if you remain outside it will be to serve truth and if you go in, it will be also to serve truth. I understand what Vinoba says. I am giving this opinion knowing very well his views. Refrain from all arguments and discussions, observe silence, and if even then people elect you go to the Assembly, You should not make any effort on your part to get elected.

 Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Kishorilal G. Mashruwala on dated 13 September 1946 that As usual Narandas has asked for someone in connection with Charkha Jayanti. He is asking for Saraladevi Ambalal. The other is Mavalankar. I think Mavalankar cannot go, nor should he be bothered with such functions. You should therefore find someone and send him. Dada Dharmadhikari, Gopalrao, Shriman, Janakibehn, Kaka send any of these. These names are not in any order of preference or otherwise. I have dictated them as they have occurred to me.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Dr. Hasan on dated 7 July 1947 that I have your letter who wrote it? Neither the handwriting nor the language of the letter appears to be yours. What do Bhai Gopalrao and Dada Dharmadhikari say?

Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Dr. Syed Minhajul Hassan on dated 29 September 1947 that your letter reveals some anger. In fact I find that you no longer enjoy the confidence of Shuklaji2. If that is correct I regard it as useless for you to remain in the Cabinet. There can be no question of your going away to Pakistan. But if God’s will is otherwise that is quite a different matter. The times are very delicate. Do not rely upon newspapers. Appeal only to God for justice and go on doing your duty. Do whatever service you are assigned. What have Dada Dharmadhikari and others to say?

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